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Commercial Refrigeration Repair

  • Ice Maker not making Ice

  • The cooler is too warm

  • The freezer has ice inside

  • The freezer is not working

  • The refrigerator is not cold enough

  • The freezer is making noise

Ice Machines, Walk-In Coolers, Walk-in Freezers, Reach-In Coolers, Reach- In Freezers, Prep Tables, Display Cases. Our trained professionals are more than equipped to provide the repairs and maintenances to the business owners of the Sacramento, CA. These appliances are essential for the day to day operations for any food provider. Call us at Commercial Appliance Maintenance & Repair now to schedule your service. Our technicians respond quickly to provide prompt service for our customers



Walk-In Freezer Repair

  • Walk-In Cooler Repair
  • Ice Machine Repair
  • Prep Table Repair
  • Soda Machine Repair
  • Reach-In Cooler Repair
  • Reach-In Freezer Repair
  • Ice Cream Machine Repair

  • Commercial Coffee Maker Repair

  • Food Truck Cooking Equipment Repair

  • Propane Cooking Equipment Repair​

  • Commercial Food Warmer Repair

  • Commercial Blender Repair

  • Walk-In Freezer Repair

  • Walk-In Cooler Repair

  • Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair

  • ​Commercial Mixer Repair

  • Meat Slicer Repair

  • Steam Table Repair

  • Prep Table Repair

  • Soda Machine Repair

  • Water Steamer Repair

  • Espresso Machine Repair

  • Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hood Repair

  • Pizza Oven Repair

Preventative Maintenance Plans

It is so important to maintain your commercial refrigeration equipment.  Most coolers, ice makers, and freezers fail due to lack of maintenance. There is never a good time to lose your commercial freezer full of product. Stay ahead of the problems by having your equipment maintained regularly. Here at Commercial Appliance Maintenance and Repair, we offer quarterly, semi annual  and annual maintenance plans to keep your refrigeration equipment performing efficiently.

  • Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance Cleaning

  • Walk-In Cooler Maintenance

  • Walk-In Freezer Maintenance

  • Reach-In Cooler Maintenance

  • Reach-In Freezer Maintenance

  • Prep Table Maintenance

  • Ice Cream Machine Maintenance

  • Soda Machine Maintenance 

Call us today to schedule your commercial refrigeration preventative maintenance and put together your personalized coverage plan

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