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Branded Appliance Repair in the Sacramento CA

Many people rely on their appliances to keep their businesses running smoothly. But sometimes, even high-quality appliances can start to break down out of nowhere. If you have a name-brand appliance in need of repairs, turn to our team for help. At Commercial Appliance Maintenance and Repair, we provide reliable & affordable branded appliance repair services for commercial customers throughout Sacramento, CA and surrounding areas.


At Commercial Appliance Maintenance and Repair, our appliance repair professionals have the tools and skills to handle even the toughest of repairs. And because we're familiar with today's popular brands, we know what it takes to get appliances fixed when they start to malfunction. When you call on us, we'll arrive on the scene quickly to evaluate the problem and determine the best course of action for getting it resolved.

Don't stress over a broken appliance. Call Commercial Appliance Maintenance and Repair to schedule an estimate and learn more about our Branded Appliance Repair services.

Commercial Dryer Repair:

  • The dryer does not start

  • The clothes does not dry 

  • The dryer does not heat up

  • The dryer keeps stopping

  • The dryer makes a loud noise

  • The dryer does not turn on

  • The dryer does not stop running

Commercial dryers are the workhorses of the commercial appliance industry. They run 10 to 15 hours a day in most businesses, so naturally they need repair from time to time. Not to worry, our technicians are experienced in servicing these appliances. Call us now to schedule your diagnostic service.

Washer Extractor Repair

  • The washer does not drain

  • The washer does not turn

  • The washer makes a loud noise

  • The clothes are still wet

  • The washer stains the clothes

  • The washer does not stop


  • Commercial Steamer Repair

  • Flat Work Ironer Repair

  • Commercial Washer Repair

  • Hydro Extractor Repair

  • Vacuum Finishing Table Repair

  • Commercial Boiler Repair

  • Heat Press Repair

  • Heat Exchanger Repair

  • Tumble Dryer Repair

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